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The Morgan State University Women, 1934-1994


By Toya G. Corbett, Ph.D.




The Morgan State University Women: The First Sixty Years, 1934 - 1994 is the history of the organization as told by members of the club, as well as from primary documents such as newsletters, newspaper articles, correspondence and archival materials found in the MSUW collection in Morgan State University’s Soper Library. The study includes the reasoning behind starting the organization, how it evolved through the Depression, changes in their exclusive membership status, and their involvement in the campus and surrounding community. Additionally, the book includes an overview of the clubwomen’s movement and the establishment of auxiliaries and faculty wives groups at other historically black colleges and universities. 

About the author

Dr. Toya Corbett is a subject-matter expert on the impact of women at Morgan State University. She possesses a B.A. in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a M.A. in African American Studies and a Ph.D. in History from Morgan State University. Corbett's research focuses on the history African American women's organizations and Blacks in Baltimore.


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